Saturday, April 21, 2012


Photos by Daryl

Old Navy Chambray shirt, Dr. Martens boots, Burberry gold watch, vintage bracelet, H&M belt cuffs

There wasn't enough natural light outside so we had to take the pictures inside. My room is a mess, whoops. This is what I wore when we went to dinner at Honey Pig. It is an authentic korean barbecue restaurant that will make your mouth water as they cook the food in front of you(describing this right makes me want some!) They are located in MD and VA, so if you haven't already, come visit and taste the goodness.
Later Babes ;)


  1. love your watch and bracelets! cute outfit dear :) xx

  2. Ah love the bracelets, they remind me of Michael Kors Leather Buckle Bracelet. Do the h&m ones stay buckled?

  3. Yes, it's well made and plus, they have different sizes which is awesome because I have tiny wrist :)

  4. Do you know the style number/ name of the gold burberry watch?


  5. I love your burberry watch! Do you know the model number for it? Is it BU1757?