Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIY Amethyst Skull Bracelet

What you need:

1. Amethyst Chip Beads (you can get it here)

 2. Skull Beads (better quality here)

3. Elastic Cord

 Gold chain for the tassel

And viola! 

Finally, I found a use for old broken bracelets that had accumulated on my jewelry box. I never throw away broken jewelry pieces so I can salvage it for future use. Like this old chain necklace from my grandma, I cut it into 4 pieces and used it as a tassel. This bracelet is now one of my favorite jewelry, I love how the combination of the skulls and the amethyst beads gives it an edgy look. 

Use a clear nail polish to secure the knot on the cord ;) 


  1. This is really awesome! Just wandered over from CapFABB, love your blog!


  2. you're super creative! nice diy's : )

  3. Awesome stuffs! Above all images are expressing your ideas really well and I must say that I love Amethyst Beads too. Thanks

  4. I like your creativity, I wonder if Amethyst Beads can be Earring Supplies too!