Thursday, April 26, 2012

Betsey Johnson Bankrupt

Photo from NYMag

          Earlier today, I stumbled upon an article from Fashionista saying that Betsey Johnson LLC, the designer's licensing company, has filed for bankruptcy, meaning that most of its 63 freestanding boutiques will be closing. Although according to WSJ, they will likely "keep four or five flagships in New York City and a few other cities". This broke my heart, as Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite brands. The saddest thing is that no more couture runways for Betsey Johnson, her cartwheels will surely be missed. I know many of us always look forward to her fun and eclectic fashion shows.

But wait! This isn't the complete end of Betsey Johnson era, she is still able to design her less expensive lines which is sold in Nordstrom and other mass retailers. With that said, Betsey Johnson is having an additional 40% off on apparel. Don't miss it!

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